Here's how it works...

  So, we know at this point that there's billions of dollars out
there.  We know that millions of people, average Americans
like you, receive these Grants, Loans & Subsidies each and
every year.  We know that you can use the money for a down
payment on a home, fix up a home, and invest in real estate.
You can start or expand a business, pay for your education,
and even pay your bills.  We know that there are "Special"
programs for Women & Minorities...

So, with all of these programs, why isn't everybody rich? 
Fact is, we live in the greatest country in the world, and our
Government has something for everybody... but it's no secret
that the Government tends to complicate things,  and on top
of that, they don't put money into is advertising these
programs, so many people aren't aware that they exist.
Combine that with the fact that there's close to 14,000
different programs out there, and it can be really confusing. 

  That's where we come in.  
We simplify things.  We bring the entire process down to a quick and easy few steps.  Our 25 years of experience, have shown us that people don't need to know every thing about all of these programs.  They really only need to know what programs they would qualify for, and simply how to apply.  We've created a process that does just that, and we've made it affordable for everyone.  We charge a one time application fee of just twenty-five dollars.  This application fee is 100% Guaranteed, and fully refundable.  If you don't qualify for at least one of the programs, and receive the benefits we promise. Your application fee of twenty-five dollars enables you to apply for several of the Grants or Loan programs in which we recommend.  The information that we provide for you, in minutes, from our database, could literally take you weeks, months or years to obtain on your own.  Taking the application  you provided, we do the research and custom tailor a plan that shows you exactly what programs you qualify for.  We also provide the in-depth information necessary that you need for you to receive funding.  That's why we call ourselves Your One Stop Source for Government Grants, Loans and Give Aways.  After teaching thousands of people, live and in person, throughout the country, and selling millions of dollars worth of books, courses and information, we realized that the true value to our consumers was getting them to start the application process.  We congratulate you, because you're at that step. 

Now, here's what to do...

         Click on the application link and simply fill out our easy to
follow, one page application.  Submit the application with your
fully refundable application service fee of just twenty-five
dollars, and within minutes our database will begin to
assemble and extract the Grant, Loan and Subsidy programs
most applicable for you, then we'll go one step further, and
help see you through the process.  Remember, thousands of
people throughout the country, have attended our trainings
and purchased our materials.  They have spent hundreds and
even thousands to do so, just to get to the point where you
are right now, the point where you take action, and submit
your application.  Through the magic of the internet, we're
happy to be able to offer you this incredible service at such
an affordable price, and best of all, we're so sure of your
success, that we're willing to offer our exclusive 100%
money back guarantee.  "If you don't qualify for at least one
of the grant, loan or subsidy programs we present to you,
you'll receive a no questions asked refund of your
application fee." Take action and submit your application,
go for your dreams, obtain the home you've always wanted,
invest in real estate, start your own business, educate
yourself, and make your life mean something.  Remember,
at Freegovmoney.com, we're on your side, and we're here
to assist you, every step of the way.